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iDig Digital helps companies in the service industry grow with strategic digital initiatives.


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We’re iDig Digital. It’s Nice to Meet You!

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If you are looking to take your business to the next level, you are in the right place. iDig Digital has more than 20 years of experience in web development and management. Our team has helped a wide array of companies throughout the United States enhance their online presence, execute digital marketing campaigns, and reap profitable results.

iDig Digital is proud to have clients throughout the service industry. Our clients include dentists, plumbers, electricians, HVAC professionals, lawyers, pest control experts, wildlife removal teams, impact window and door providers, as well as medical centers.

It All Starts with Your Website


In today’s digital atmosphere, your website is just as important as your store-front. iDig Digital can assist you in creating, re-designing, or improving your service industry website. Our team can make your vision come to life with intuitive design, creative content, and powerful calls-to-action.

Individuals are more likely to search for your website online before calling, emailing, or visiting your location. It is crucial that your website makes a great first impression and turns that visitor into a lead and then into a customer!

responsive modern websites

How We Serve The Service Industry

Web Development

Website Development

Create or improve your website with the help of iDig Digital. Our team can transform your website into the centerpiece of your business by providing information and capturing leads.

digital marketing

Digital Advertising

Reach your target market with various digital advertising tactics. iDig Digital can create, execute, and analyze advertising campaigns for Facebook and Google.

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Content Marketing

Help potential customers find you with effective content marketing. When your website ranks higher on search engines, it drives traffic and business to your company.

Creating A Digital Marketing Strategy

Committed To Serve

Any great digital marketing strategy starts with a well designed and developed website. The iDig Digital team can ensure that your website has all the elements and functionalities needed to attract and interest visitors. This can include but isn’t limited to streamlined user experience, fast loading time, engaging content, eye-catching images, and call-to-action buttons.Digital advertising is a great way to drive traffic to a newly improved company website. Creative content and images can capture the attention of your target market and lead them to your website. Our team at iDig Digital has years of experience optimizing Facebook and Google advertising, so our clients get the most return on their investment.

Content marketing is another piece of a robust digital marketing strategy. Having quality content throughout your website, with keyword focuses, also helps potential customers find your website from search engines. This is a more organic approach to reaching more potential customers and then using your website to convert them into leads.

Promote Your Services


As a business, you have many more options than traditional marketing to promote your services and what those services include. Digital marketing allows you to promote your services online via many different channels, reaching a broad audience.

We know that you provide essential services that people need for their homes and businesses. Reaching them digitally is an effective way to educate them about what you offer and transform them into potential customers.

We can help you leverage digital tactics like your website content and online advertising to reach new audiences and take your service business to the next level. Don’t wait; get started today!

Developing Responsive Website Designs

Be Easier to Find

Committed To Serve

Every day people are searching online for what your business has to offer. Individuals are constantly looking for dentists, plumbers, electricians, HVAC professionals, lawyers, pest control experts, wildlife removal teams, impact window and door providers, and medical centers. How easy is it for them to find your company?

Search engine optimization and marketing increase your website’s chances to land amongst the top results on Google. The higher your website lands on a search results page, the more traffic you will see on your webpages.

iDig Digital can perform search engine optimization and search engine marketing techniques for your company, so your website can rank as high as possible on Google.

Reach More People


Businesses that provide services want to help as many people as possible. The larger audience you can reach with your digital marketing, the more people, homes, and offices you can help!

Digital advertising is a great way to get your brand and its services on many screens and in front of a lot of eyeballs. iDig Digital can create digital advertising campaigns for Facebook and Google that reach hundreds and thousands of potential customers.

iDig Digital creates online marketing that directly reflects your company’s value and the services you have to offer. These ads can be served to audiences targeted by geographic location, age, occupation, income, and more.

Developing Responsive Website Designs

Using Digital Marketing to Grow

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1. Choose Goals and a Strategy

Let the team at iDig Digital help you decide on goals and a strategy that will help your service business grow.

2. Execute the Plan

From start to finish, our team can execute your digital marketing plans. You have enough to worry about – let us handle this on your behalf.

3. Analyze Results

We will keep track of how all your digital marketing tactics are going. These results can be leveraged for consistent success.

3 Steps Towards Gaining More Leads, More Customers, & More Sales


Set Your Goals

If you’re struggling to grow your business, then call upon the digital marketing experts. Schedule a call with us so that we can assist you in achieving your goals and elevating your business to new heights, markets, and territories.

Develop A Strategy

Develop A Strategy

Upon understanding your goals, the next step is to strategize. iDig Digital Marketing Agency will develop an in-depth, comprehensive marketing strategy to help you reach your goals and grow your business.

Get Results_

Get Results

Our marketing team executes your customized digital marketing strategy with full force on every digital platform, improving your overall web presence and helping you to earn better returns on your investment.

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