Marketing For Nonprofit Organizations

Our purpose-driven digital marketing team wants to learn more about your mission and drive more online revenue for your nonprofit organization.

Our Specialties

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Grow Your Nonprofit


Growing your nonprofit organization means that you must increase your public outreach.

Through our marketing techniques, we’ll create ads, attract new members to join, and request donations to build trust, brand recognition, and awareness. Facebook, Twitter, & Instagram ads promote your nonprofit organization to your targeted audience. 

Paid Google Ads & Ad Grants for nonprofit management can help to raise awareness and grow your audience. We also implement an online fundraising platform within your website to build capacity for your nonprofit. Above all else,we always make sure that your website is visually appealing, engaging, and responsive to all digital mobile devices.

Are you ready to generated leads that convert into sales?

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Are you ready to generated leads that convert into sales?

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Connect & Collaborate

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There are many nonprofit organizations that don’t have a marketing agency on their side.

They may be saving money, but they’re most likely struggling to get donations or optimize their online presence. Well, with iDig, you rest assured knowing that you’ll expand your public outreach and get the results that you want.

We love connecting and collaborating with nonprofit organizations to accelerate their impact on communities. We use effective marketing tactics to attract potential donors and spread the word about your organization. We establish your brand so that different groups of people can recognize your mission. Through content marketing, digital marketing, and social media marketing, we’ll express your mission across multiple digital mediums.

Are you ready to generated leads that convert into sales?

Call Us (877)294-4807 Schedule Free Consultation

Are you ready to generated leads that convert into sales?

Schedule Free Consultation

How We Help Nonprofit Organizations

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Digital Marketing

Our digital marketing efforts focus on improving your public outreach, brand recognition, and audience engagement. We spread the word about your mission to connect with your targeted audience and receive more donations.

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Web Design

Your website will be responsive to all digital mobile devices, no matter what size. With optimized website speed and performance, visitors will get the ultimate online experience and become more inclined to donate.

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Content Marketing

Content marketing is the key to unlock your brand. Establishing your brand will help you to become a more trusted and recognized organization. This will improve public outreach and inspire people to donate to your cause.

Spread The Word Through Marketing


Nonprofit marketing can help you raise more donations for your nonprofit organization.

Attract people from all over the globe with the right marketing tactics and your organization may become the most recognized nonprofit in your field. 

Marketing is just as important for nonprofit organizations as it is for businesses. Nonprofit organizations use many of the same marketing tactics to connect with volunteers and donors. It can seem challenging since nonprofits must convince their audience to donate money without receiving anything in return. However, with our specialization in content marketing, we will convey the right messages to persuade potential donors and volunteers to donate to your cause.

We will help to improve awareness to attract donors and keep your charitable organization functioning. We’ll promote your cause and services so that donors and volunteers aren’t the only ones who should know what nonprofits do. We’ll help to educate your targeted audience so that they’re better informed as to how to help your cause.

Your nonprofit relies heavily on donations in order to pursue your charitable initiatives. To optimize your fundraising efforts, you should encourage people to make online donations and even assist you in promoting specific fundraising events. This can be done by re-sharing content on various social media platforms.

Along with specific fundraising goals, your nonprofit should encourage long-term memberships. This improves the relationships that your nonprofit can foster for all events and initiatives, as well as providing recurring donations. Recurring donations are one of the most important goals to have for a nonprofit organization. They serve as a reliable and predictable budget for your nonprofit so that your organization will always function as it should.

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Nonprofit Marketing Campaigns

Content marketing is an excellent marketing technique used to create and distribute relevant content to a targeted audience. Compelling and valuable content attracts, acquires, and engages a target audience with the objective of driving profitable customer action.

For a nonprofit organization, utilizing content marketing techniques is essential. The goal is to raise awareness, which will, ultimately, raise money. Charity: Water, for example, raised $42 million from a highly successful marketing campaign using video content. They capitalized on the new age of content marketing by publishing content that would more effectively connect them with their supporters.

Your nonprofit organization will utilize this same type of content marketing so that you can attract, acquire, and engage with your supporters.Your marketing campaigns will be displayed on various digital mediums, including social media profiles and email appeals.

Email appeals are crafted for specific marketing campaigns or events. They’re more distinct in their intent than fundraising letters. Email appeals are much shorter in length and incorporate more of a visual element than a fundraising letter does. Creating personalized email appeals will help you to optimize supporter outreach and connect with people in various locations.


Email marketing will only get you so far when increasing support to your cause. There must be a call-to-action implemented within your message to convince people to donate. The chances are that most people on your subscriber list have supported your cause in one form or another. However, with an effective call-to-action, you can engage your subscribers in a much more effective and consistent manner.

A call-to-action (CTA) marketing technique is used to drive consumer action. Incorporated through several digital channels, including website pages, email marketing, and retargeted ads, a CTA tells the audience what to do next. Whether it’s to click a link, read a blog, purchase a product or service, or schedule a call, a CTA is a crucial element to your nonprofit marketing plan. Every nonprofit email will have compelling CTA to help you reach your goals.

Choosing a Nonprofit Marketing Strategy To Best Serve You

Your nonprofit marketing strategy starts with combining traditional marketing principles with online marketing practices. The nonprofit marketing strategy that we create for your organization will incorporate all of the traditional marketing tools that establish your brand with the online marketing tactics that get your brand out there for the world to see.

Let iDig Digital tell your unique story so that you can increase your supporters and maximize your donations. We will establish your nonprofit brand and spread the word about your cause.

3 Steps Towards Gaining More Leads, More Customers, & More Sales


Set Your Goals

If you’re struggling to grow your business, then call upon the digital marketing experts. Schedule a call with us so that we can assist you in achieving your goals and elevating your business to new heights, markets, and territories.

Develop A Strategy 512px

Develop A Strategy

Upon understanding your goals, the next step is to strategize. iDig Digital Marketing Agency will develop an in-depth, comprehensive marketing strategy to help you reach your goals and grow your business.

Get Results 512px

Get Results

Our marketing team executes your customized digital marketing strategy with full force on every digital platform, improving your overall web presence and helping you to earn better returns on your investment.

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