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We market your legal services and expertise to attract new clients.

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Broaden Your Horizons


The key to any successful law firm lies within your marketing strategy.

Local advertising is a crucial component of a law firm’s marketing strategy. However, expanding your reach to other locations around the nation is also equally as important when trying to grow your business. We will market your law firm to attract new clients in new territories.  

Through our marketing efforts, we will give your law firm more visibility online to optimize brand awareness. Also, we will provide you with quality leads so that you can connect with more potential clients on an integrated digital platform.

Are you ready to generated leads that convert into sales?

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Are you ready to generated leads that convert into sales?

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High-Quality Leads

high quality law firm leads

Lead generation describes the initiation of consumer interest in a company’s products or services.

Leads are generated through various digital channels for the purpose of developing a sales pipeline. The more leads you generate, the more sales you make. However, there is such a thing as a low-quality lead.

Low-quality leads are leads that are less likely to convert. This could mean that you’re generating leads that aren’t interested in your brand, or perhaps skeptical of what your business offers. All too often, the ability to attract a high volume of leads is usually prioritized over lead quality. However, the times are changing and lead quality is becoming the main focus. We’ve demonstrated a clear preference for generating high-quality leads and our high conversion rates have accurately reflected upon this strategy. We make sure that we’re attracting potential clients who are most likely to be in the market to hire a lawyer rather than those who clearly aren’t.


Are you ready to generated leads that convert into sales?

Call Us (877)294-4807 Schedule Free Consultation

Are you ready to generated leads that convert into sales?

Schedule Free Consultation

How We Help Law Firms

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Digital Marketing

Our digital marketing efforts will help to place you on the map via the Internet. Legal practices are a highly competitive field, so it’s our job to help you to stand out from your competitors and showcase your expertise.

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Web Design

Your website must be both informative and engaging. With clean designs and user-friendly navigation, your clients will always have the best possible user experience when visiting your website.

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Content Marketing

Content marketing for law firms brings in more clients than any other marketing strategy. BY creating reliable, informative content, we are expanding upon the image of a trusted law firm with credibility and confidence.  

Focus More On What Matters Most - Your Cases


At iDig, we handle all of the dirty work when it comes to legal marketing.

We work for you to give you the opportunity to focus more on what matters most – your cases. We utilize the most powerful law firm marketing strategies to relay the right messages to potential clients. SEO, search engine optimization, is the practice of using specific goal-oriented strategies to increase your search engine rankings. SEO management is a major investment of time that most law firms don’t have to spare. 

We take care of all of your SEO management efforts so that you can spend that precious time on your clients. Our marketing team has the knowledge
expertise, and time to create the right SEO opportunities for your legal website to gain as much traffic as possible. 

Law practices, especially in South Florida, are a highly competitive field. It’s important that you showcase something extra for your clients to appreciate. We will help your law firm get noticed through pay per click (PPC) advertising to boost your firm’s visibility online. Investing in Google Ads will optimize your standpoint on the online map, helping you to stand out in front of your competitors.

Using these strategies, combined with our exceptional content marketing talents, social media marketing, and an eye for detail, will help you to significantly grow your law firm. Email marketing is also an excellent tool used as a trusted means of communicating specific messages to your clients. We use this to help you foster existing relationships, as well as to build new ones. Capitalizing on the connections that you’ve made in the past will help you to keep your law firm fresh in people’s minds. 

At iDig, we swear by these law firm marketing ideas. We can help you grow your revenue, create a community amongst existing and future clients, and help you to focus more on your practice. Let’s work together to develop a strategic marketing plan to help you grow your practice to new heights.

Focus More On What Matters Most Your Cases

Stand Out From The Pack

Running a law office involves wearing many hats. It’s not always about making your case. Operating a law office is also about managing a group of employees, bookkeeping, accounting, and many others. Because legal practice is so common in the South Florida area, it has become a highly competitive field.

Your legal marketing efforts should give you the competitive edge that you need to stand out from the competition. We focus on what sets you apart and why potential clients should seek your services as opposed to other law firms in the area. We do this in a number of ways, starting with marketing campaigns that speak true to your legal services.

Every law firm has a specialty or specific legal practice in which they have the most experience. Whether it’s personal injury law, property & liability insurance claims, criminal rights law, etc., someone out there is conducting a google search on that very subject. It’s up to us as your marketing firm to explode that expertise online, making your name pop up first whenever someone types in those keywords on the search engines. By expanding on these practice areas through search engine optimization, we will help your law firm to stand out from the pack and attract more clients in your area.

Strategy is Everything

When building a case, you create a strategy. Without a strategy, you’re entering a courtroom ill-prepared and vulnerable. So, when we take you on as a client, we create an in-depth law firm marketing strategy.

The first course of action in any marketing strategy is to perfect the website. Law firm websites should encompass everything that they stand for, as well as all of the legal services that they offer. Paying attention to the website designs is also crucial as it pertains to how you keep your target audience engaged.

Most people that visit a law firm’s website are doing so with a particular search query in mind. However, this does not suggest that we can’t give them more than they hoped for. With the right touch of internet marketing techniques and mobile-friendly web design, we can help your law firm stand out in a positive light.

Choosing a Law Firm Marketing Strategy To Best Serve You

Having a strong online presence is essential to the growth of your legal practice. It’s what drives your legal firm’s image and attracts clients to your practice. Having legal marketing experts on your side will give you the competitive edge that you need to thrive in your law practice.

An essential online marketing tool that we will want to focus on is your marketing funnel. Your marketing funnel details your client’s journey in locating your business online and hiring you as their attorney. First, the client must conduct their own research on how to solve the problem. Most people looking for a law firm have a specific issue in mind that they want to handle (i.e. insurance benefits, personal injury, civil lawsuits, etc.). The client is committed to researching ways on how to solve their problem. Then, they begin looking for local attorneys that specialize in assisting them with their particular problem.

Basically, your law firm’s marketing funnel is based on how your client’s approach this journey. Your marketing funnel focuses on attracting more website visitors, ultimately resulting in converting those visitors into actual clients.

3 Steps Towards Gaining More Leads, More Customers, & More Sales


Set Your Goals

If you’re struggling to grow your business, then call upon the digital marketing experts. Schedule a call with us so that we can assist you in achieving your goals and elevating your business to new heights, markets, and territories.

Develop A Strategy 512px

Develop A Strategy

Upon understanding your goals, the next step is to strategize. iDig Digital Marketing Agency will develop an in-depth, comprehensive marketing strategy to help you reach your goals and grow your business.

Get Results 512px

Get Results

Our marketing team executes your customized digital marketing strategy with full force on every digital platform, improving your overall web presence and helping you to earn better returns on your investment.

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