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We combine digital marketing and traditional marketing strategies to formulate the right plan for your home services business.

Our Specialties

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Move Up The Ranks With Search Engine Marketing


Whenever someone needs to find the answer to a question, they conduct an online search.

When someone searches for a home services company, the chances are that they may become bombarded by a plethora of local choices. When this happens, priority placement can really come in handy.

Priority placement in search results is an excellent strategy for getting your home services business on the map. Paying for priority placement is the quickest, most effective way to improve your rankings. Search engine marketing (SEM) can move you to the top of the search engine results page, increasing the likelihood that your business will be the first one that potential customers will hire.

Are you ready to generated leads that convert into sales?

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Are you ready to generated leads that convert into sales?

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Connecting Through Social Engagement

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Social media marketing can help you leverage your professional reputation and increase awareness with potential customers.

Expanding your brand on social media networks can also help customers to recognize and trust your brand, inclining them to turn to you when inquiring about home services.

Along with regular social media posts, paid social advertising allows you to share tips and recommendations that are relevant to your home services. Also, social analytics will help you to find behavioral cues that may indicate when an individual is searching for the type of home services that you offer. This tool is excellent for creating new lead opportunities. Never underestimate the power of quality advertising. Social media ads offer tremendous value to home services businesses, in which they significantly raise awareness in your targeted service area.


Are you ready to generated leads that convert into sales?

Call Us (877)294-4807 Schedule Free Consultation

Are you ready to generated leads that convert into sales?

Schedule Free Consultation

How We Help

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Digital Marketing

Digital marketing channels allow you to promote your home services business locally. Marketing mediums, such as TV & radio ads, print ads, and direct mail, raise awareness of your brand and create a winning lead generation strategy.

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Web Design

Your web design will be the first thing that your customers see when they interact with your home services business. An engaging, user-friendly, and responsive website provides the ultimate user experience for the customer.

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Content Marketing

Home services businesses are a highly competitive market. So, it’s our job to make your business stand out above your competitors by creating compelling content, infographics, and blogs that are valuable to your customers.

Improve Your ROI


Improving your return on investment (ROI) is all about optimizing your conversion rates.

We need to know exactly which campaigns are performing well and which ones aren’t so that we can trim the fat and focus on what works best. We utilize lead tracking software to measure everything from paid advertisements and regular search results to social media ads and email marketing campaigns.

This data helps us to find the most effective lead generation funnel for your home services business. The most effective funnels are the ones that pull in the most high-quality leads. If a specific campaign isn’t bringing in the leads, then we will know Maximizing your investment in iDig Digital is our top priority.

We help you to gain valuable insight into your targeted audience so that we can determine more efficient ways of communicating with them. We learn to anticipate what your customers will want to know so that we can have the right answer for them immediately.

We ask the right questions, such as, “Who is visiting your website, and why? And “What might be preventing them from converting once they’ve visited your website?” We focus on moving high-quality leads through your sales funnel so that you can improve your ROI and grow your business.

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Home Services Industry

The home services industry constitutes businesses whose primary focus is to work on residential homes. However, many home services businesses have expanded their services to meet the needs of commercial businesses as well. These services include plumbing, HVAC, landscaping, flooring, moving & storage, concrete contracting, handyman services, and more. This service expansion calls for increased public outreach, therefore, more optimized marketing efforts.

The home services industry is rapidly growing. And, with the booming expansion of online booking, these businesses are becoming much more effective in the way that they build their client base. It’s no secret that today’s digital era has become an ally to small businesses everywhere. The best way for you to continue increasing your sales is by taking full advantage of online marketing tools.

Build An Online Presence To Bring In Local Business

Word-of-mouth marketing tactics will only get you so far. Home service business owners strive to grow their businesses. Customers that inquire about home services are looking for reliable, fast, and affordable services. Whether it’s plumbing, contracting, roofing, etc., potential customers need to feel assured that they’re hiring the right company to handle the job.

Building an online presence is the single most crucial element of home services marketing. Your website and social media profiles should encompass your business brand identity. With the right website design and user-friendly interface, your customers will know what you do, where to find you, and what sets you apart from your competitors.

Home services companies face unique challenges when it comes to generating new leads in their area. If you own a home services business specializing in plumbing, roofing, or contracting, then you need a digital marketing firm on your side. Take your home services company to the next level by drawing in more customers and expanding your brand.

We specialize in website design, content marketing, social media campaigns, SEO, and PPC for businesses like yours. Broadening your lead generation channels and business base through home services marketing will exponentially grow your business.

Choosing A Home Services Marketing Strategy To Best Serve You

The right home services marketing strategy is developed to help you grow your business. We help you to narrow your market from a local standpoint while maximizing your search engine optimization and local search results. We create an in-depth and comprehensive home services marketing strategy that is custom-tailored to your business.

By practicing the principles set in your customized marketing plan, you’ll be able to reach more customers in more territories. Expanding your local reach will attract more customers. Generating more content on your social media networks will get your name out there and set you apart from your competitors.

Also, you’ll be able to reach a more diverse audience. From the younger generation to the older, more seasoned demographic, your home services business will be the one that people turn to the most.

3 Steps Towards Gaining More Leads, More Customers, & More Sales


Set Your Goals

If you’re struggling to grow your business, then call upon the digital marketing experts. Schedule a call with us so that we can assist you in achieving your goals and elevating your business to new heights, markets, and territories.

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Develop A Strategy

Upon understanding your goals, the next step is to strategize. iDig Digital Marketing Agency will develop an in-depth, comprehensive marketing strategy to help you reach your goals and grow your business.

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Get Results

Our marketing team executes your customized digital marketing strategy with full force on every digital platform, improving your overall web presence and helping you to earn better returns on your investment.

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